Description: Enhance your open water swimming experience with the Floating Open Water Inflatable Swimming Buoy. Designed to provide safety and convenience, this buoy is an essential companion for training and racing in open water.
Vendedor: Yegopro
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Stay safe and visible in the water with the Floating Open Water Inflatable Swimming Buoy, ensuring peace of mind during your training sessions and races.

5 key benefits:

Visibility and Safety: The bright color and distinctive design of the buoy make you highly visible to other swimmers, boaters, and lifeguards, reducing the risk of accidents.
Flotation and Resting: The buoy offers excellent buoyancy, allowing you to take short breaks and rest without affecting your swim performance.
Storage Space: The buoy features a waterproof compartment to store your personal belongings such as keys, phone, and small essentials, keeping them dry and secure during your swim.
Easy to Use: Inflating and deflating the buoy is quick and hassle-free, and the adjustable waist belt ensures a comfortable fit while swimming.
Durable and Lightweight: Made from high-quality materials, the buoy is durable and lightweight, providing long-lasting performance without hindering your swim.
Technical Specifications:

Floating Inflatable Swimming Buoy/safe Trainning And Racing